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Dr. Murphy Martin, L.P.C.

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When asked my philosophy of counseling I usually respond in the following way...

 I once heard the story of a farmer who was taking his vegetables to the market on a mule-pulled wagon.  When he started across a swollen stream, his wagon got stuck in the mud.  His mules could not pull him out and his vegetables were in danger of ruining, creating a financial disaster for him.  About that time a man came along in a log truck, went across the stream and stopped on the other side.  The man asked the farmer if he wanted him to pull his wagon out with his truck.  The farmer said yes and the venture was successful.  Before the man drove off, the farmer gave him some fresh vegetables for helping and told him if he ever came across him and his truck stuck in the mud he would hitch his mules to the truck and pull him out, he would get in the cab of his truck and sit with him until they could figure out what to do.

Dr. Martin is also the author of the book Co-Deparent No More.


If you would like a copy of this very useful book it is only $15.00 plus shipping. Contact us below.

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